Agile and Scrum Training

Learn how to apply the practices of Agile and Scrum, effectively guide change, and create engaged teams that deliver outstanding results.

Why Choose Alluvial?

To ensure you learn critical concepts by hearing, seeing and doing, we intentionally combine numerous learning styles. All of our courses include real-world simulation, traditional learning, discussion, exercises and interactive games.

Each course is taught by a leading Agile practitioner with decades of real-world industry experience. Exercises, demonstrations, facilitated discussions, case studies, tools and template examples are tailored to the class’s needs to illustrate the principles being taught.

Everything we teach is based on real-world experience, not ivory tower theory.

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Certified Scrum Master Training

Course Overview:
This 2-day Certified Scrum Master certification course provides the jumping off point for you to become a servant leader or effective participant in a Scrum team, allowing you to execute with excellence. Through mastering the essential concepts and tools of Scrum; identifying the differences between Agile methods and traditional “waterfall” methods, you’ll be helping establish a roadmap for the adoption of agility in your organization.

Certified Scrum Product Owner Training

Course Overview:
This 2-day training will provide you with all the elements you need to become a productive Certified Scrum Product Owner maximizing the ROI of your business. Participants will learn the essential concepts and tools of Scrum, the differences between agile projects and traditional waterfall-type methodologies and how the role of the business is changing vis-à-vis Scrum teams.

Agile 101 – Introduction to Agile & Scrum

Course Overview:
This course is an excellent introduction to the values, principles and practices that comprise Agile. Starting with the history of Agile and moving through to today’s state-of-the-art tools and practices, the Agile 101 Training Course can be used as a baseline training or refresher for your group, and enables them on the journey of bringing Agile into their teams and organization.

Agile & Scrum for Leaders

Course Overview:
This 1/2-day class is for Management Leaders and Directors who are looking to develop their own foundation with Agile approaches as they look for ways to take their programs and teams to the next level. For Leaders to guide and facilitate their organizations journey towards Agility, they need to understand and model the values, principles and practices of Agile themselves.

Guiding Constant Change

Course Overview:
The outcome for this two-day masterclass is for leaders to come away with a new mindset and approach for guiding their organizations in an era of unprecedented and constant change. Focusing on developing core skills like influencing and facilitation, organizational leaders are taken on a journey to reimagine how they perceive change, moving away from traditional approaches (e.g. managing change in a linear fashion), and instead leading with an incremental and iterative approach.

Advanced Certified Scrum Master

  • 2 Day
  • English

Course Overview:
This two-day virtual training class allows Certified ScrumMasters (CSMs) to reach the next step in their learning journey. The Advanced-CSM (A-CSM) training is the second step of the Scrum Alliance Path to CSP program. By drawing on their knowledge and previous experience, it allows them to strengthen their skills in facilitation, coaching, scaling and help them become real leaders in the service of their Team, their Product Owner and their Organization.

Advanced Agile Series

  • 1/2 Day
  • English

Course Overview:
Compact learning modules designed to build on your foundations and experience. Each of these 1/2 day sessions will provide you with practical and immediately applicable skills & techniques for your work as Agile practitioners.

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