About Alluvial Consulting

Alluvial practitioners have helped individuals and organizations leverage Agile and Scrum across a wide range of industries, including retail, energy, government, financial services, and more.

Mack Adams

Organizational coach, advisor and facilitator

With extensive professional experience as global manager, business operator, and investor, Mack is a highly sought after executive coach and advisor on Agile organizational design, improvement and learning. 

Mack helps organizations deliver better results by aligning business strategy, product development and product delivery. As a cross-cultural facilitator, he’s passionate about helping individuals and teams learn and apply Agile practices to streamline efforts and accelerate results. He has organized the Agile Victoria Meet-Up and Agile Open Canada un-conference since 2014. Mack’s value are trust, opening listening, and servant leadership. 

Petra Skapa

Agile transformation coach and Certified Scrum Trainer

As a Certified Scrum Trainer, Petra has taught thousands of students through in person and virtual classes in North America and Europe.  As Gap Inc’s Chief Agilist, and as a Scrum Master, Iteration Manager, Agile Project Manager, and Senior Consultant for a variety of global organizations, Petra brings an invaluable breadth of real-world experience to her work.  She learned Scrum from Scrum co-founder Ken Schwaber in 2002.

Petra understands that all change—especially at the organizational level—comes directly from individuals; people’s choices are directly influenced by their motivations, be they external or internal. Petra build trust with teams by seeking to understand each individual’s perspective and leading them in a direction where they see value for themselves, their product and their organization. Petra’s values are integrity and respect for people

Kristi Meredith

Agile coach, trainer and graphic facilitator

Drawing from 8 years of public sector consulting experience, Kristi excels in dynamic facilitation, leading large group sessions (80+), product increment planning, and discovery workshops. She is passionate about coaching Product Owners in best practices. 

Using a visual facilitation approach across all offerings, Kristi cultivates collaborative environments, propelling teams and organizations toward innovative solutions and actionable outcomes, empowering them to achieve their goals effectively. Kristi’s values are meeting people where they are at, honesty, and cultures that encourages people to be their authentic self.

Sarah Adams

Agile coach, product and portfolio manager

Sarah has deep experience as practitioner and consultant in the public, private and non-profit sectors, helping teams and organizations transform from the inside out. She deploys a wealth of skills in visual facilitation, team building, stakeholder engagement, workflow management, analysis and outcome measurement. 

When coaching individuals, product delivery teams, and portfolio leaders, her passion is helping people clearly see their current reality and design their future. Sarah’s values are clarity, flexibility, and trust.