Agile Coaching

Shorten the Agile learning curve with support from an experienced Agile practitioner.
Our customized approach aligns the needs of individuals with the goals of your organization.

Agile Team Coaching

Agile Coaches draw on their extensive background as team members, leaders and managers to work closely with teams on their Agile journey. Polyskilled and able to collaborate with a wide range of roles and personalities, they help organizations adopt Agile best practices through:

  • Mentoring Agile team leads, Scrum Masters and Product Owners
  • Facilitating team Kick-off and Agile onboarding
  • Coach Scrum ceremonies and creation of supporting artifacts
  • Suggest appropriate process changes
  • Establish teams’ visual management, reporting, tools and metrics

Do you think team coaching may be great for your Agile transformation?

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Agile Health Checks

If you are on your Agile Journey, getting a snapshot of where things are and what are the areas that need investment, is an effective way to keep momentum and focus.  Using a range of both analog and digital tools, Agile Coaches can generate a picture of where your Agile Teams stand in terms of their Agile journey and provide insight backed by tangible actions to continue their progression.

Agile Organizational Coaching

Beyond the team level into broader concerns around Scaling approaches, Program design & governance, Business Agility, guiding change, organizational design & culture, visual management, skill development and so on.  

Organizational Development Coaches have worked across dozens of organizations in multiple countries and industries thus bringing a breadth and depth to any conversation or topic.   By partnering with motivated leadership that is focused on enabling their organizations, deep insights and trusted advisory services are provided.