Agile Transformations

Our expert Coaches and Consultants offer uncompromising advice, deep insight and the steady hand of someone who has lead multiple large-scale, enterprise level Agile transformations.

Agile Leadership Advisory

Senior Agile Coaches & Consultants provide trusted advisory, counsel and guidance related to enterprise Agile evolutions. With deep global experience working with a wide range of organizations, these consultants’ partner with executive leaders through:

  • Conducting Organizational Discovery assessments
  • Establishing an Agile Guidance team and organizational evolution backlog
  • Portfolio & product management process design
  • Executive coaching
  • PMO-Agile process design and Agile scaling plan for transformation
  • Enterprise roll-out of Agile processes, roles and responsibilities
  • Leveraging industry leaders and other Agile executives
  • Developing organizational learning plans and custom content

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Process Audit / Organizational Assessments

If your organization is considering an Agile journey or already on it’s way, getting a thorough and external perspective on the situation is helpful for ensuring alignment and focus on the right investments in people, processes and tools.  Organizational assessments can span from leadership & governance through program and product management, into team delivery as well as engineering practices and DevOps.

Agile Transformation Organizational Retrospectives

Spanning multiple teams and stakeholders, these large format Retrospectives are a crucial opportunity for organizations to step-back from their day-to-day activities and assess where they are on their Agile journey and where they should be focusing next. Using a range of techniques lead by seasoned facilitators with deep experience in managing and leading organizations, key insights are collaboratively developed with the group and specific actions are created for the Organizational Improvement backlog.

Collaborative Planning Workshops

Inception, Release Planning or Program Increment Planning

Complex planning workshops are a key ceremony for organizations adopting agile practices – be it at the Organizational or Product & Program levels. Using an outcome driven approach, these facilitated workshops use Agile practices & principles in their design to effectively plan out Releases or Product Increments.

  • Establishing a vision, roadmap and target outcomes
  • Collaboratively create a comprehensive backlog through User Story Mapping
  • Prioritizing the backlog and slice into Releases
  • Clarifying team structures and roles
  • Planning out Agile governance and key ceremonies
  • Identify impediments and mitigate risks
  • Design & facilitate large format Program Increment or Release Planning

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