Increasing Virtual Team Engagement with High Impact Visual

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After two years of working in largely virtual environments, keeping your audience — be it team members, clients, supervisors, or anyone else you work with virtually, has become a significant challenge. And while the pandemic may be waning, working virtually is here to stay.

Kristi Meredith ran a talk at the recent Global Scrum Gathering – a hybrid conference that was hosted both in Denver and online. Please check out the full set of presentation slides here: Dropbox File

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Groups may already be facing communication and collaboration challenges, often times exacerbated by distance and lack of accessibility, hindering team culture and progress. Just as with in-person meetings, visuals can play an essential role in supporting teams to a place of alignment, shared understanding, and overall cohesion.

She outlined the benefits of using visuals in facilitations, the do’s and don’ts of incorporating visuals into remote facilitation, while exploring different techniques to increase your visual toolkit. – such as drawing simple icons that are often found in Agile and Scrum environments.

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