About Alluvial Consulting

Alluvial practitioners have helped individuals and organizations leverage Agile and Scrum across a wide range of industries, including retail, energy, government, financial services, and more.

Meet Our Founders

Mack Adams

Mack Adams


With over 15 years of experience as an Agile and Scrum leader, consultant, and speaker, Mack is an expert at helping organizations deliver better results by aligning business strategy, product development and product delivery.

With extensive professional experience as global manager, business operator, and investor, Mack is a highly sought after executive coach and advisor on Agile organizational design, improvement and learning.

Petra Skapa

Petra Skapa


Petra has been leading Agile transformations for over 15 years across North America, Europe, the UK and India. As Gap Inc’s Chief Agilist, and as a Scrum Master, Iteration Manager, Agile Project Manager, and Senior Consultant for a variety of global organizations, Petra brings an invaluable breadth of real-world experience to her work.

As a Certified Scrum Trainer, Petra has taught thousands of students in Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Product Owner classes. She has helped teams and executives leverage Agile and Scrum at companies across multiple industries, including aviation, retail, medical, leasing, insurance, telecom, government and Ivy League universities.

“I loved the passion & delivery of the course.”

“Really enjoyed the course!  I have never given top marks on a training evaluation. EVER.”

“Great Scrum Course. Trainer shared her “real world” experience.”

“Awesome! Wish it could be longer.”

“Instructor didn’t waste time and dove into the heart of the ideas/issues. Good value for time spent.”

“The trainer speaks from her experience.”

“Great course. Really good overview and exercises to understand Agile/Scrum.”

Alluvial Associates


Alluvial has a worldwide network of practitioners that it collaborates with as and when needed.  Be it for supplementing engagements with additional capacity, or complementing offerings with related services to better serve our clients and create opportunities for collaboration.